Remodeling Made Easy! Must Read Tips From The Pros

Remodeling is an exciting undertaking that upgrades your home while giving a boost to its value. While a remodel is exhilarating, it can feel overwhelming to start the process. Before you pick up a hammer or start slinging paint, check out our top six remodeling tips for smooth sailing.


1. Drop The DIY

To DIY or not to DIY is a heated topic for homeowners. To get the highest quality for the least amount of headaches, you need to hire a reputable, professional remodeling company. Look for companies with at least three years of experience and a certification from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). When in doubt, visit a current or previous job site from this remodeler to see their work. Remember to check their references and reviews to make sure you’ll be a good fit.

2. Plan Ahead

To get the best remodel possible, you want to plan ahead. This means laying out a detailed remodel plan with a timeline, budget, and materials lists for your remodeling company.

When laying out your dream home, ask yourself, “Why?” A remodel is an excellent opportunity to reorganize room layouts and the home’s flow for maximum beauty and function. Analyze the layout of every room so your remodel goes with your life, not against it.

However, planning ahead goes beyond just the remodel itself. Consider the costs to maintain everything that’s installed in the home. Solar panels and upgraded appliances are chic additions, but how much will it cost to maintain them for 20 years? Plan your remodel ahead of time to avoid costly changes or repairs down the line.

3. Think Fast!

Remodeling will require you to make some decisions at lightning speed. Any delays can cost extra money, either in building materials or labor costs. Make sure you’re available for your remodeler to contact you about any sudden changes. But make sure you like the direction of the remodel! Changing your mind too often causes work to start and stop, potentially racking up more costs.

4. Cover Your belongings

Remodeling is fun, but it can be messy. Always protect fixtures, cabinets, lighting, furniture, and other items that aren’t part of the remodel with secured tarps or packing blankets. When in doubt, pack up all of your valuables and put them in storage. After all, it’s much easier to remodel your home without furniture in every room, which may even speed up the process!

5. Seamless Remodeling Living

The big question with a remodel is, “Where do I live while my kitchen is being renovated?” Many families choose to live in the home during a remodel, but it’s best for your family and the remodel itself if you’re able to stay outside of the home. This can prevent project delays, as well as protect your children and pets from  construction zone hazards.

6. Relax!

Remodeling can be stressful. Remember to relax during the process, and keep the finish line in mind. Take long walks, go see a movie, or get a massage to unwind. You’ve earned it!


The Bottom Line

Remodeling is the best way to update your home so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Avoid common renovation pitfalls by planning ahead and partnering with a professional. Use these pro tips to make your next remodel a piece of cake.