Custom Kitchen Must-Haves Of 2018

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Quartz countertops. Ample storage. Design that would make Michelangelo weep.

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, where memories are made. If you want to improve your home in a way that’s functional and beautiful, a custom kitchen remodel is for you.

Custom Kitchen Must-Haves

Did you know that a kitchen remodel is one of the most high-value improvements you can make to your home? Custom kitchens are an investment, and that’s why it’s critical to plan your remodel to a T. If you’re looking for fun ideas for your custom kitchen, look no further! Here are the best kitchen must-haves that our clients have been raving about this year.

1. Smart Lighting

Incandescent lighting is so 2006. For your modern, custom kitchen, you want to use light that accentuates the beautiful features of your home. Recessed lighting is a great choice, and LED bulbs provide more light with less energy.

If you plan on entertaining in your kitchen, consider smart lighting. Many companies manufacture Alexa-compatible smart bulbs. You can have the lights automatically adjust based on time, date, or other inputs. Go from ‘weeknight’ to ‘party night’ lighting with a simple voice command.

2. Two-Drawer Dishwasher

Don’t you hate waiting to do a load of dishes until the dishwasher is full? Avoid the annoying smells of a half-full dishwasher by installing a two-drawer dishwasher in your custom kitchen. This enables you to wash a handful of dishes if you’d like, keeping your pantry stocked with clean dishes no matter what. It’s also an affordable and space-saving measure if your household keeps kosher.

3. Double Oven

Avoid the headaches of hosting Thanksgiving with only one oven. Do yourself a favor and install a full set of double ovens. Double ovens can either be installed side by side or stacked, depending on the space. According to our clients, it’s a luxury that’s worth the splurge! Roast a turkey in one oven and granny’s famous apple pie in the other with zero downtime.

4. Pullout Pantry Shelves

The key to a smart custom kitchen is to use space wisely. One of the best ways to use small nooks and crannies is to install pullout shelves. These give maximum functionality to narrow spaces in your cabinets to store items like spatulas, canisters, and baking sheets.

5. Functional Island

Islands expand your counter space and give your kitchen much more flexibility. Chop onions on the counter while your kids bake a cake on the island. It saves you space while adding a luxe centerpiece to the kitchen. For added functionality, run power to the island and include cabinets for trash bins and appliances.

7. Smart Refrigerator

Our clients love built-in double door refrigerators. But the smart appliance movement is making waves, and a smart refrigerator is a must-have in any custom kitchen. Let’s say you’re shopping for groceries and can’t remember if you need milk. Simply connect with the camera inside your refrigerator on your smartphone to see if you have milk. Smart refrigerators also come complete with a calendar, menu planner, and voice assistant capability to streamline your life.

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The Bottom Line

Life’s too short to build a boring kitchen. Use these fun ideas to build a custom kitchen that’s sleek, beautiful, and functional. Ready to put your great ideas to work? Partner with Destefano Homes and Remodeling to make your dream custom kitchen a reality.

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