Custom Homes: Worth The Hype?

custom homes

Doors. Windows. Floorplans. Brick.

Brenda’s mind is swimming with the possibilities. After years of saving and planning, she recently decided to build her dream home. After checking with a few local builders, Brenda’s not sure what to do.

It seems like many builders just sell stock homes. The shape of the floor plans might differ slightly, and some patterns change, but overall, she thinks the homes look identical. Sure, they might change up the color of the home or the placement of windows, but the designs weren’t unique.

Brenda wants to make sure her money is put towards the home that’s in her mind, not what’s already in a builder’s catalog. Why should she have to settle for a drab, cookie-cutter home when making such a huge investment?

What Is A Custom Home?

Brenda wants a custom home. She wants luxury, quality, and a unique design that’s original to her abode. But what exactly is a custom home, and how does it differ from what many builders offer?

A custom home is just that: it’s a home that is designed especially for you as the homeowner. The owner has a say in every detail of the home, from the architecture and all the way down to details like lightbulbs.

This is different than stock plans that many other builders offer. They might sell the same pre-made plan to multiple homeowners, changing just a few details to fit the owners’ needs. These plans aren’t truly custom homes, since someone else has already made most of the decisions for you.

It’s the difference between ordering off a fast food menu and having a personal chef cook a gourmet meal just for you. Which one would you want to eat?

The Benefits Of Custom Home Building

With that said, what are the benefits of going with a custom home builder over a builder who uses stock plans? The main difference comes down to quality.

custom homes

1. Custom Homes Design For Your Lifestyle

Are you a wine-lover? Get a custom wine cellar. Need a home office? Your custom home builder can design the stately office of your dreams. Love to bake? Get a kitchen that will rival Wolfgang Puck’s.

Custom homes design with your life first. They don’t require you to fit into pre-made designs; you are the design.

2. Completely Unique Home From Top To Bottom

Cookie-cutter subdivisions are depressing. Fortunately, a custom home is unique in every aspect. You have a hand in each step of the process to bring your vision to life. Love the character and quality of your home and know that it’s a one of a kind gem.

3. Use The Best And Most Luxurious Materials

You don’t settle when you build your custom home. If you want to use rich mahogany or a stone masonry exterior, you can have it. Not only that, but you can trust that the workmanship will be top notch, as custom builders work only with the highest quality craftsmen with experience using high end materials.

custom homes

The Bottom Line

Your home is your castle. Don’t settle for a copy of another person’s home. Design a home that reflects your needs and lifestyle. Always choose an experienced, trusted custom home builder like Destefano Homes and Remodeling to craft your home.

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